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Case Study

Beyond Meat®

Rebranding Journey

Beyond Meat's strategic rebrand in 2019 stands as a success story in the plant-based protein industry. Focused on more than just a visual facelift, the rebrand centered on enhancing transparency and communicating the broader impact of choosing Beyond Meat products. By prominently displaying nutritional information and emphasizing sustainability in its messaging, Beyond Meat successfully positioned itself as a conscientious choice for health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers looking to making a change through center of the plate protein. The rebrand not only boosted market share but also played a pivotal role in reshaping perceptions of plant-based options, it turned the brand into a symbol of innovation, health, and sustainability in the rapidly evolving landscape of alternative protein sources and our every changing climate.


Brand Strategy

Beyond Meat's brand strategy is built on innovation, transparency, an enduring commitment to creating delicious plant-based foods and sustainability one plate at a time. Recognizing the need to differentiate itself in a competitive market, Beyond Meat goes beyond the conventional norms of plant-based products by prioritizing taste and texture. The brand strategically communicates its dedication to environmental responsibility, appealing to consumers concerned about the ecological impact of their food choices. By positioning itself as a champion of both health and sustainability, Beyond Meat has successfully carved a unique identity in the plant-based protein sector, resonating with a diverse consumer base and contributing significantly to the broader shift towards more mindful and ethical eating practices.



Beyond Meat's brand visual and aesthetics play a pivotal role in conveying the company's innovative and modern approach to plant-based products. Characterized by clean and natural packaging, the brand exudes freshness and health, inviting consumers to explore a new culinary experience. The use of bold fonts and contemporary graphics communicates a sense of dynamism and forward-thinking, aligning with Beyond Meat's commitment to cutting-edge technology in crafting its plant-based alternatives. The brand's choice of a green color palette not only reflects its focus on plant-based ingredients but also connects with the broader theme of sustainability. Overall, Beyond Meat's visual identity is a harmonious blend of modernity, health-consciousness, and eco-friendliness, contributing to its success in capturing the attention of a diverse and discerning consumer base.


Strategic Partnerships

Beyond Meat's success in forging foodservice partnerships has been a key driver in its rapid market expansion. By strategically collaborating with major restaurant chains, fast-food outlets, and other foodservice providers, Beyond Meat has managed to integrate its plant-based offerings into mainstream menus, reaching a wider audience. These partnerships not only reflect a growing consumer demand for plant-based options but also signify Beyond Meat's ability to position itself as an accessible and desirable choice in the food industry. Beyond Meat's triumph in securing and maintaining these partnerships has contributed significantly to the normalization of plant-based dining, making its products a staple in diverse culinary landscapes and solidifying its status as a leader in the global shift toward sustainable and plant-forward eating.



Beyond Meat has established itself as a trailblazer in the plant-based protein industry through its unwavering commitment to innovation. At the core of the company's approach is a dedication to replicating the taste and texture of traditional meat products, ensuring a seamless transition for consumers seeking plant-based alternatives. Beyond Meat leverages cutting-edge technology and scientific advancements to create products that not only meet but exceed the sensory experience of meat consumption. The company's innovation extends beyond product development to supply chain efficiency, exploring sustainable ingredients, and continuously refining its processes. Beyond Meat's relentless pursuit of culinary excellence and sustainability underscores its role not just as a producer of plant-based alternatives but as a transformative force shaping the future of food.

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